Friday, March 29, 2013

G.I. J.O.E. - General Joseph Colton

When watching the numerous Retaliation trailers and teasers, we can see General Joe Colton wear brownish or olive drab fatigues. While I am still looking for a suitable body to build a movie-accurate version of the original GI Joe, I decided to use the ROC camo Joe trooper figure as a base. I exchanged the Popeye-like lower arms for 25th Flint lower arms, but kept the trooper hands. The jacket skirt came off easily and the gun belt from the Retaliation Ninja Duel Snake Eyes fits nicely. This belt not only has the correct left-handed holster (actor Bruce Willis is left-handed), but also a Kydex-type knife sheath on the right side. The skinner knife that came with Snake Eyes was relegated to the parts bin and a 25th Resolute Duke Bowie knife was used. I think this fits the Old School style of Joe Colton better. Since Colton also wears a shoulder holster in the movie, this rig was created by modifying a ROC General Hawk shoulder holster from the parts bin into a working one. A pouch for spare mags was superglued on the left shoulderstrap so now the good General (ret.) is ready for a serious gunfight. The Retaliation Joe Colton headsculpt fits the body beautifully. In my book this kitbash is simple yet effective and will stand in well untill a better body comes along.

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