Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Imperial Special Forces Brigade - Scout Sniper

Mandalorian Warrior Munin Skirata

This character appeared just briefly in Karen Taraviss' Republic Commando books when he adopted the orphaned boy who became Kal Skirata as his own son in good Mandalorian Tradition.
The Basic figure is a Jodo Kast with a head from the parts bin and a Jango Fett gunbelt added.

Mandalorian Warriors

These are just simple head swaps, but effective in order to enhance the overall looks of the figures.

Grand Army of the Republic - Alpha ARC Troopers

These Alpha ARC Troopers are no-paint customs. They are fully playable and will not suffer from much paint-rub. ARC Alpha-42
ARC Alpha-44
ARC Alpha-45
ARC Alpha-78

Monday, July 14, 2014

Major League Doorkickers

You have been presented custom action figures of four Major League doorkickers: Mikal Vega, "Mad" Max Mullen, "Big" Jim Erwin and Dale "American Badass" Comstock. These brave men have all been members of the finest elite units out there: Navy SEALs, US Army Rangers and the US Army Special Forces. Here's a rare photo of three of these four great guys together. Enjoy!
From left to right: Max Mullen, Jim Erwin, Dale Comstock

G.I. J.O.E. - Codename American Badass

Dale Comstock, former member of the US Army Delta Force, nicknamed the "American Badass" has joined the G.I. J.O.E. team. Combining awesome tactical skills, pure strength and brainpower, this operator is determined to bring COBRA to their knees. Again, Dale Comstock is a real former Delta Commando and if G.I. J.O.E. was real, he'd be the one Gung Ho and Leatherneck would be hiding behind when the air gets heavy from the flying lead.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

G.I. J.O.E. - Codename Big Jim

"Big" Jim Erwin, former member of the elite US Army Special Operations Detachment Delta, or Delta Force, is the newest addition to the G.I. J.O.E. team. On his own or as part of a team of operators, Big Jim always sees the mission through and pulls more than just his weight. Fiction aside. Jim really is a former operator and it was about time that he got his own action figure.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

G.I. J.O.E. - Codename Amy

Amy Jane is a former US Marine, weapons expert and tactical advisor. No wonder she was selected to join G.I. J.O.E. Just like previous custom figures like Mikal Vega and Mad Max Mullen, Amy Jane is modelled after a real life person. The figure is another no-paint kitbash, fully poseable and easily equipped with a multitude of weapons to take up the fight against any enemy.

G.I. J.O.E. - Mad Max Mullen

Former US Army Ranger, now actor and tactical adviser, "Mad" Max Mullen stands out amidst other actors due to superior intellect, education, powerful physique and real-world experience. He makes a perfect addition to the G.I. J.O.E. team. The figure is a no-paint kitbash, fully playable and depending on the mission, can be equipped with various pieces of equipment.