Saturday, December 22, 2012

Star Wars - Galen Marek, Starkiller

This is my entry in the recent No-paint Kitbash Contest at Imperial Shipyards. Since Starkiller figures are hard to come by in Germany (read: next to impossible) and if you manage to find one, it's prohibitively expensive, I decided to kitbash a Galen Marek figure. I didn't want just some figure, but I wanted my Starkiller to come with a bunch of accessories. He's probably not game accurate, but he's in an outfit conceiveable for the character. The base figure is an Anakin figure. The lower arms and gloves came from an Imperial Storm Commando. I found that the heads on those Starkiller figures I have in my collection don't look much like Sam Witwer, so I chose a GI JOE ROC Duke head which I think looks more like Starkiller. The blue lightsabers came from my parts box. The cape came with the Anakin figure (I think), the hood is from a TVC Darth Sidious. The softgoods cloak is from the TVC Darth Maul. I added an "action harness" which came off a ROC Red Ninja and to which I added a kama or inner robetype garment made of a piece of nylon webbing. The photos show that you can dress Starkiller in different ways so he has a lot of play value.

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