Thursday, November 22, 2012

Star Wars - Sgt. Kane, 41st Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon

Sergeant Kane is an original character created for the non-canon 41st Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon. It would be safe to assume that the Grand Army of the Republic had other specialized units besides the ARC Troopers, Republic Commandos and ARF Troopers, so I came up with the 41st LRRP unit. Hooah! He has been spliced together from an TVC AT-RT Driver and a ROTS Commander Gree figure using the boil'n pop method. Helmet, head, torso, upper legs - TVC AT-RT Driver Arms, lower legs - ROTS Commander Gree Holster - Marvel Universe Black Widow Pistol - Marauder Gun Runners Carbine - custom made from the stock and breech of a DC-15 rifle and the barrel and optics of an ARC Trooper rifle Hatchet - GI JOE POC Recondo

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